"It’s so funny because we’re all so gentle with each other. With Robert [Downey Jr.] I was like, ‘Shall I squeeze a bit harder?’ And he was like, ‘Just squeeze baby, squeeze. Keep squeezing, baby.’ And then Chris Hemsworth had to properly tackle me, [he asked] ‘Shall I just nudge you in the shoulder, mate?’ And I’m like, ‘Just take me out buddy, otherwise it’s going to look rubbish,’ and you kind of get a kick out of the physicality of it and then you wake up every morning going ‘Awww, I’ve got a few cracks.’ But it’s fun! We’re making the “Avengers,” you know. It’s too much fun."

-Tom Hiddleston [on fight scenes in The Avengers] (via iamthefirstavenger)

Oh god, RDJ I just can’t even handle you

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This movie is going to be a porno, right? I love everyone in this cast <3.

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This cast is just so perfect!! I feel like I am going to see a porno…a gay porno~

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